How To Care For A Small Dog?

How To Care For A Small Dog?
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You may wish to have a small pet dog in your home. But, you should know how to take care of the dog. Small dogs are those dogs that are less than eighteen inches in height and the weight is lower than twenty pounds. Small breed dogs are Miniature Poodles, Chihuahuas, Miniature Pinschers and Yorkshire Terries. But, every dog has their own appearance, temperament, needs and characteristics. The personalities of a dog will vary a lot.

Things that each dog owner should know

If you need to keep your small dog for some days while you are travelling, you should choose a reputed boarding. The hotel must be well equipped with all facilities that will keep the small dog in a healthier way.

Give your dog some food on a daily schedule – It is really very important to feed your dog on a daily schedule for maintaining consistency and for establishing a routine. The amount of food that your dog will require to intake every day will be depended on their size, activity level and age. You must train your dog each day before giving food to your dog. Overweight can adversely affect on their bones, joints and on the dog’s overall health. Small dogs have a tendency to gain weight, but too much weight is not good for a small dog.

If you are confused, then you can talk to your veterinarian. You can ask your vet that how much food your small dog will require. If your small dog is engaged in many activities, then your dog will eat more food. While choosing dog boarding for your small dog, make sure that the boarding provides quality foods to the pets. Check this site that offer a great boarding service that will take care of your pet. 

Don’t give human food items to feed your dog – You must not give human food items to your dog as some food items are bad for your dog’s health. If your small dog will eat human foods often, then the puppy may ask for the food whenever you will start eating. Such things are not good. It is a fact that chocolate, dairy products, drinks, caffeinated food items, alcohol, garlic, onions, salt and grapes are really very harmful for a dog. Moreover, small amount of chocolate can make the health of a small dog bad.

Provide clean water to your small dog – A dog also need water along with food to live a good life. You must keep a bowl of clear water for your dog. Some dogs are so small that they will not be able drink water from the standard bowl, so you will need shallower bowls for the small dogs.